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About Us

Our Mission

As a professional society for Respiratory Care in the state of North Dakota, our mission is to promote the advancement and continued development of the profession by: providding educational programs, adopting uniform standards of practice, representing the profession to all communities, and serving as the resource for the matters related to cardiopulmonary care to all commiunities of interest.


To maintain an integral role within health care as Respiratory Care Pressionals, assuming a leadership role in all matters related to cardiopulmonary health.


1. Increase public recognition of Respiraotry Therapists

2. Promote active membership in the society, encourage the                  involvement of therapists in issues that affect the practice of                 Respiraotry Care throughout the state

3. Provide ongoing educational opportunities for therapists to

    advance the art and practice of Respiraotry Care.

4.  Improve communication throughout the state.

5. Collaborate, cooperate, and align with other health care

     professionals and professional organizations to deliver state of the

     art patient care.

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