North Dakota Society for Respiratory Care

The AARC is beginning its campaign to build a virtual museum of photos and graphics of equipment, people and milestones in the profession.

We kicked things off with a great fundraiser in Anaheim, CA, sponsored and supported by our Foundation, the ARCF. A committee is now working on acquiring the first series of information that will be in this museum and we look forward to a second quarter launch. 

We are asking if your state is also interested in supporting the heritage of our profession by displaying an icon on your website that would allow people to buy virtual bricks to support the virtual museum. An icon is available for your use at:
If you use it and the accompanying code on your website, it will take you to our landing page for the museum, where you and your readers can get more information and purchase (tax deductible) one of the bricks on which you can make a dedication.
We have great support so far and are looking forward to the full development of this project.
Sherry Milligan

Welcome to the North Dakota Society for Respiratory Care website!  The NDSRC has been a proud chartered affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care since 1988.  Although our state does not boast the largest number of respiratory therapists in the nation, we can be very proud of the fact that we are a very active membership and have maintained greater than 50% active status with the AARC.  That fact alone deserves special recognition and proves that we take our jobs, our profession, to heart!  Please take a moment to browse the site.  You’ll find many helpful and informative links.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.  We’d love to hear from you!  And remember, each year the society holds an election for various positions on the Board.  If you are interested in becoming more active at the state level, or know someone who would, any current board member would be happy to discuss the details.  Becoming a board member is an honor and provides much personal satisfaction in serving our profession in a meaningful manner! 

Val Tomhave

NDSRC President